Expanding the By-Pass

Daffodils leap like shots of fire.
Primroses curse in white-yellow stains.
Blackthorn’s eldritch stars explode
As chainsaws rip aside the bright spring day.

Mock cairns of woodchip
Spat from hawthorn’s frame
Line the road of death
I will drive down
I will drive down to avoid the rain.

Penwortham By-Pass







*Technically I won’t be driving down the by-pass because I swapped my car for a bicycle. However I’m not adverse to getting a lift and still feel responsible for the death of the hawthorns who have been companions on the path beside the by-pass for many years.

One thought on “Expanding the By-Pass

  1. Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge says:

    Gods the sound of chainsaws makes my spine curl, unless it is cutting dead wood. I often wonder, when a live tree is cut down, since their sense of time is different from ours, how long does it take until they know they are dead? I guess their sap knows it is not fed by sunlight through their leaves right away. Of course many trees even cut to the stump will be strong enough in the root to put out new growth in the spring, like maples. I moved a bird feeder and have it on a branch on a pulley so i can lower it to fill then raise it above the bears and i screwed a hook into the base of a dead branch i cut off years ago and within a day the sap was weeping out and i felt bad, then it healed. My trees are like my best friends in “my” (not really mine but just loaned to me as caretaker for a time) woods and being here almost 11 years i see their cycles of life and death and rebirth.

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