She Spreads Her Mossy Cloak

This is an image of Anrhuna in her guise as ‘the Mother of the Moss’ through which she has been speaking strongly to me over the past year. Anrhuna is not known from Brythonic lore but has presented herself to me and a couple of other awenyddion as an ancient goddess, who is the mother of my patron god, Gwyn ap Nudd. It’s my intuition that she was the driving force behind the earliest colonisation of the land by mosses.

2 thoughts on “She Spreads Her Mossy Cloak

  1. Greg Hill says:

    That she has no facial features seems appropriate to her preceding the angiosperm plants with no obvious inflorescence, being from a more ancient greenworld that yet remains with us, forming microcosmic forests, if we care to notice.

  2. Nimue Brown says:

    when you think about how the ‘small’ things shaped this world – the bacteria, fungi, algae, moss…. it makes increasing sense to me to look for the divine in these forms. truly, everything depends on them.

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