Poetry for Maponos

Maponus Chant

From a night of long sleep
In the dark of the womb
Maponus Maponus
Awaken the dawn

With a beam of bright youth
From a wild shy horse
Maponus Maponus
Illumine the morn

In a smiling ascent
To a shining throne
Maponus Maponus
Rise high at noon

Emblazoning clouds
And falling through leaves
Maponus Maponus
Colour the eve

With a sinking yawn
To the arms of trust
Maponus Maponus
Descend at dusk


Sun Child

The sun rides high,
the sky resonates with his laughter-
infinite joy, light cascades
like a fountain of ore.
He steps from the bright hot core
bewildered not daunted,
inhibited or harmed by insult and grime.

A widening arc hunt
from east to west he illumines
the hills and the mills unabashed.
White dark mane has many feet
and all of them are dapples,
horse shoe glinting golden
candour in mirror art.

His flight is driven
not by solitude or emptiness
but love for the mother’s birthing dance.
He touches the beautiful twining
and closed city stark, gathers
the melodies into his core
and chords their pangs upon his harp.

Greencroft Valley

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