Poetry for Nodens

Cockersand Abbey

‘To the god Mars Nodontis, the College of Lictors [and] Lucianus Aprilis the traveller, in fulfillment of a vow.’
Romano-British Statuette found on Cockersand Moss, 1718

Chapter house meets silver frieze
of dappled clouds dipped in river.

Beacon white sun lights the margins
of eyes; priors, pilgrims, travellers.

Holiday makers rush to shore.
Seekers of ages dress lost walls.

Broken healers see a liminal sky,
on a statue writ in silver: Mars Nodontis.

They gather and sing “will you heal us?
Beside the lapping tides and flashing sky,

Cloud Maker, fix our wounds and make us whole,
return this no-time to a holy day?”

High tide on the Lune from Cockersand Abbey

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