Other Publications

Proud of Preston, From Source to Sea, Lancaster Litfest February 2023

This Mossland Will Conquer,’ National Poetry Day Environment Mosaic, Lancaster Litfest, October 2022

The Prehistoric Archaeology of Chat Moss‘ online talk for the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, January 2022

‘In the Halls of the Sea Monster’ in British Fantasy Society Horizons, Issue 12, 2020

‘On Drinking Poison’ in Caduceus, 103, Summer 2020

‘Skeletons’ in British Fantasy Society Horizons, Issue 11, 2020

Co-editor of The Deep Music: Offerings for the Awen, February 2020

‘The Region Linuis’ in The Best of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly III, 2019

Du’s Voyage’ in Eternal Haunted Summer, Summer Solstice 2019

‘Maponos Chant’ in The Far Shining One, June 2019

‘March Wind’ in The Dawntreader, Issue 42, Spring 2018

‘In Moments of Terror’ in ‘People of Prayer‘, Isis-Seshat, Issue 41, Vol. 13, Spring 2018

‘Hunter in the Skies’ in Pagan Dawn, No 205, Winter 2017

Co-Editor of A Beautiful Resistance IV: The Crossing, November 2017

‘The Ghost of Myrddin Wyllt’ in Pagan Dawn, No 204, Autumn 2017

‘A Sow’s Feast’ in Air n-aithesc, Vol IV II, Lughnasadh/Samhain 2017

Interview in Eternal Haunted Summer, Summer Solstice 2017

‘Seahorse’ in The Dawntreader, Issue 38, Spring 2017

‘Orddu, the Very Black Witch’ in Pagan Dawn, No 202, Spring 2017

‘After Procopius’ in A Beautiful Resistance III: Left Sacred, February 2017

‘Samhain Song’ in The Dawntreader, Issue 37, Winter 2017

‘Dickens Delayed at Preston’ in Tales from the Archives: Literary Lancashire through Time, October 2016

Editor of A Beautiful Resistance II: The Fire is Here, June 2016

‘A Seaweed Charm’ in Flotsam & Jetsam of the Bay, May 2016

‘Litany of the Meadows’ in The Dawntreader, Issue 35, Spring 2016

‘The Strikebreakers’ won third place in the Preston Poets’ Society McKenzie Trophy Competition, February 2016

‘Castle Hill: An Alternative Story’ in Pagan Planet,  January 2016

‘A Rose for Rigantona’ in The Grey Mare on the Hill, December 2015

‘Devil’s Bagpipes on Stoneygate’ in A Beautiful Resistance I: Everything We Already Are, Samhain 2015

‘Song for the Nine’ (co-written with Peter Dillon) in The Dawntreader, Issue 32, Autumn 2015

‘Gulls in November’ – 3rd place in Preston Poets’ Society McKenzie Trophy, February 2015

‘Dark Horse’ in The Dawntreader, Issue 29, Winter 2014

12 poems in Moon Poets, November 2014

‘In the Event of an Enemy Landing on the West Coast’ in Not The Wipers Times, October 2014

‘When We Meet’ in The Dawntreader, Issue 28, Autumn 2014

Excerpts from ‘The River Syke’ in Broadgate and District Magazine,
August 2014

Editor of The Druid Network On-Line Eisteddfod, Lammas 2014,

‘City of Stone’ in New Myths, Issue 27, June 2014,

‘A Winter’s Challenge’ in Myths Inscribed, Issue 3, April 2014,

‘Potato Field’ – winner of the Preston Poets Society Pomfret Cup, April 2014

‘Wishing’ in Reach Poetry, Issue 187, April 2014

‘Wind Farm’ in Reach Poetry, Issue 186, March 2014

Vignette on ‘Druidry’ in Paganism 101: An Introduction to Paganism by 101 Pagans, Moon Books, February 2014

Article on ‘Bardic Poetry’ in Preston Poets Newsletter, Winter 2013

‘Strand Road West’ in The Dawntreader, Issue 25, Winter 2013

‘The Region Linuis’ in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Issue 18, November 2013

‘Penwortham Mill’ in The Penwortham Magazine, Issue 16, January 2013

‘The Bull of Conflict’ in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Issue 15, January 2013

‘The Day the Sun Died’ in Myths Inscribed, Issue 1, December 2012

‘Proud of Preston’ – winner of the Preston Guild Poetry Competition, September 2012

The Valley: poetry pamphlet published by South Ribble Borough Council to raise funds for The Friends of the Greencroft Valley in June 2012

‘Poet’s Invocation’ and ‘Sun Child’ on The Druid Network’s Bardic Expressions, June 2012

‘The Robin on the Trysting Oak’ in The Dawntreader, Issue 18, Spring 2012

Editor of Harvest Preston Creative Community Winter Journal, February 2012

‘Riversway Dockland’ in The Dawntreader, Issue 17, Winter 2011

Editor of Harvest Preston Creative Community Autumn Journal, November 2011

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