How I love

the sound of the rain
dripping from the gutters
gurgling down the drains
everything that stood
still moving again

How I love

the healing hand of Nodens
reaching out to touch
sooth replenish

these thirsty flowers
that grow in my garden

How I love

this sense of relief that
we are not quite cursed –

the gods still listen to
our prayers respond

to offerings of dreams

How I love

the Rain of Nodens
hope you will visit again
you are welcome here
every day to keep us green
and at night the gates
of dream are always open

7 thoughts on “How I love

    • lornasmithers says:

      Thank you. It was amazing waking up to that sound and going out to that smell. I hadn’t heard to term ‘petrichor’ so just Googled it – the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. The word is constructed from Greek petra (πέτρα), “rock”, or petros (πέτρος), “stone”, and īchōr (ἰχώρ), the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology.’ Fascinating 🙂 There’s probably another poem in that…

  1. Aurora J Stone says:

    Lovely, gentle words for the welcome rain that has yet to fall as predicted here. The smell of the rain kissed earth is a perfume so easily forgotten when the world is dry and the land parched.

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